Time to push the “on” button for your automatic recurring revenue

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Stop living sale to sale.

Start living the life.

If you're fried from convincing one person at a time that you're worth your price...

If you look at people online and think, “Everything they touch turns to gold, why am I still stuck?”...

If you’d love to trade your draining dollars-for-hours work for income that flows in like clockwork…

Then here’s where you need to be. 

This isn’t your average “business breakthrough” conference that leaves you full of inspiration that never leads to action. 

Inspiration is great. 

But what you need is automation.

Join us and:

-Get over your Funnel Phobia. You know you need a “funnel” but have no idea where to start. 

You’ll soon know how to set these up and start seeing results -- even if you’re a card-carrying tech-phobe.

-Go Evergreen (and hear the Cha-Ching). Walk away ready to implement your first set-it-and-forget-it funnel. 

As weekly cash deposits hit your account, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago. 

-Attract ideal clients “with automation" The wrong ones screen themselves out, while the dream clients (the motivated smarties you love) find you and strap themselves in to ride with you all the way.

-Get on the Facebook Live train. Find out why you’re at a HUGE competitive disadvantage if you aren’t using Facebook Live like your peers yet. 

We’ll get you on board quickly to start scooping up that money you’ve been leaving on the table.

-Host engaging, value-packed, profitable Facebook Lives. Know what to say, and how to look and sound like a pro. (So that every time you click “Go Live,” you’ll build your following and swell your email list.)

-Break your “Webinar Wall.” You’ve got webinar resistance. I did, too. But when you see how they transform your business, you’ll be shouting “Worth it!”

-Confidently fill your group coaching programs. You’ll discover how to automate your marketing and sales so you don’t have to sell on the phone all day. 

No more strategy-session burnout. You coach and train, and they get wins and then it’s over.

Imagine: Push-button profits. 

Money on demand. 


Learn from top industry thought leaders (and parents who get it) who will transform the way you think about automating your marketing, sales, and making money in your business forever. (New speakers to be announced soon...)


Marketing & Business Strategist

As a trusted adviser to her clients, Maria helps aspiring entrepreneurs (like you) grow their business from start up to six figures in a third of the time.

 Helping thousands of clients succeed over the last ten years, speaking on the some of the world’s top stages such as Tony Robbins “Business Mastery” Maria helps you get the visibility you need. 

Learn how to automate your marketing and sales so you have consistent and recurring revenue. Maria’s mission is to help you stop living sale to sale, so that you can live the life.


Business Coach

Suzanne Evans has become the “Tell it like it is”, no fluff boss of business building. As owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC she went from secretary to surpassing the seven-figure mark in just over three years. Today, she supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs. In the last four years Suzanne has:

Coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding 8 million dollars.Created The Be Change Award for Business Owners Making a Difference.


Automation Expert Infusionsoft 

Darin Adams is an award-winning TV personality who has spent 30 years in the broadcasting industry. Much of that career was spent working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them get the marketing they needed. Now he is a noted speaker and author traveling the world, helping entrepreneurs discover how to get organized, save time and grow their business while still loving the passion of doing what they do best.  

Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps them get organized, grow sales and save time.  


Imagine knowing how to do the right things with tech (so that you have more time to enjoy your life with your family).

Imagine having true freedom, flexibility, and leverage in your business (so that you're moving away from the serving one to one burn out model).

What if you could be online, stay at home, and be profitable. 

Without having to get all dressed up to go to the next speaking gig, or yet another exhausting networking event?

If you've ever wanted to know the system, the strategies and resources to automate your marketing and sales so that you can make money online while you stay home with your kids, or travel the world, come to this event.Aspire To Automate LIVE is a 3 day workshop style experience designed to show you step by step what you need to do and the actual how to attract groups of clients at a time, create recurring revenue, and free up your time with the power of automation.

Tired of getting on the phone and convincing tire kickers that you’re worth it?

Aspire To Automate is the most strategic, results driven, step by step workshop available for inspired entrepreneurs who are ready to automate their marketing and sales and to create recurring revenue.

No dressing up to go to teaching events.

No staying on the phone selling all day to people who drain every drop of your energy and soul.

No convincing tire kickers that you’re “worth it.”

On-fire Profits for entrepreneurs who've burned out on one-to-one.

Here's what I know. You're online, you're reading this, and you have a real heart to serve. 

But it feels hard right now because you're not making the money you know you should be or could be making in your business.

You know you're meant to be seen in a bigger way.

You want to be recognized. You want to get your message out to the masses.

You're willing to do the work, so that you can set it and forget it.

However you're so busy juggling so many hats right now that you secretly feel like time is passing you by. 

The truth is you're right... It is.

I remember being pregnant with our first son and realizing that life was about to change fast, and if I didn't change my business model, I would be reliant on the traditional launch "burn out" model.

Having to pull all nighters, finding affiliate partners, inconsistent cashflow, putting together a four part video series, you name it, it's EXHAUSTING.

I made a commitment in that moment, that wasn't going to be my life, so I decided I was going to automate my marketing and sales and figure this out.

Fast forward a few short months later.

With the power of automation I’ve been blessed to have up to 100 clients joining me a month and having $50,000 months with recurring revenue alone. 

I'd love to now show you how I did it.

Even if you’re just getting started. 

You’ll be glad you started with this.


Tuesday, May 15:

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Friday, May 18:

9am-4pm: General Sessions

**Hours are subject to change. 


If you're an inspiring entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, or small business looking to automate your marketing and sales (so that you can attract groups of clients at a time, create recurring revenue, and free up your time then this is right for you).

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who are:

-Tired of working so hard with little results.

-Experts in their field and want a bigger brand and exposure.

-Willing to do whatever it takes to escape the “hustle trap” and bust through the income plateau they've hit in their business.

-Want to make money and learn a proven model that works.

The good news is all this can change with a simple decision.The decision to take 3 days out of your life to attend an event, that can change EVERYTHING for your business.

If you know you're meant for more and are ready to make it happen, don't miss out on this opportunity.

Here's what I believe.

You have a vision and aspirations for your life.

Aspirations to make money and a difference.

Aspirations to provide for your family, and to enjoy your life.

Automating your marketing and sales provides the space so that you can give more, be more, and love more.

But it's up to you to take ACTION.

Making income as automatic as making coffee for face-to-face-phobes.

I invite you to come spend three days learning the exact strategies that have helped me to generate millions of dollars into my business.


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Network with a room full of other inspiring entrepreneurs.

 Make the decision, move your calendar if you have to, and know you're worth it. 

Are you ready to join us?

Secure your spot today.


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Conveniently located at the Marriot, in sunny Boca Raton, Florida

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Aspire To Automate 2018 sponsorships offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your brand and gain targeted exposure to highly qualified small business owners and potential customers.